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In Greek mythology, Daedalus, the smartest of inventors, created an impenetrable maze. It was rumored that once a person entered the maze, he would not be able to escape. Finally, a group of intelligent demigods entered the maze and were able to navigate their way through it. The maze was dynamic, ever-changing, evolving and they needed to adapt to it.

This isn’t very different from the technology today. Nothing ever stays static, except a java main function. People in the world of computer science have a key to the world written in 1’s & 0’s which is incomprehensible for most people.

The CS department's Computer Academy has been around since 1997. It has been organizing quite a few fests such as Gateways, Interface, Techleons and many more. Behind the scenes, Labyrinth was created to give this academy a front end. Labyrinth, the only Computer Science Club of Christ University was created with the sole purpose of giving students a platform to showcase their talents and explore various topics in the Computer Science world. Labyrinth holds a variety of events every semester, ranging from technical events like coding and debugging competitions, logical puzzle challenges, web development/designing contests to non-technical events such as fastest fingers, gaming and so on. The club also holds workshops or seminars, conducted by industry professionals, on topics based on the student’s suggestions.

Open source projects are a huge challenge to every individual computer fanatic. However, it's often difficult for any student to try and contribute to an open source project. Labyrinth gathers students with the will to learn and contribute towards different open source projects and helps them work as a team and reach their goal.

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