FOSS(Free Open Source Software)

By Dhamini.R, Nijgal | 01-08-2018 12:11 PM | 535 | 1

Date: June 30th, 2018


Venue: Room no. 103, 9th floor, Central Block, Christ (Deemed to be a university)


Speakers: Vipul Siddharth , Rohan , Prakash Mishra 


Open-source software has been called many things: a movement, a fad, a virus, a Communist conspiracy, even the heart and soul of the Internet ,But one point is often overlooked open source software refers to any software that is open to the public to use, copy, study or change according to their means . The speakers expounded on open-source software and different types of open-source software’s (like Git hub, Ubuntu, Firefox ..), they briefed us about the importance of using open-source software.

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