By Dhamini.R, Nijgal | 04-12-2018 08:34 PM | 1254 | 9

Event title: Blockchain


Venue: #215, second floor, central block, Christ (Deemed to be university).


Speaker: MD.Nasir, Senior Software Engineer, Blockchain SME at Microsoft.


Sir, MD. Nasir is a Senior Software Engineer, Blockchain SME at Microsoft, working for more than a decade in assisting customers and partners utilize Azure and Blockchain to achieve their business goals. He has been a strong advocate of the cloud since its inception and has been supporting partners to adapt Azure by architecting, re-factoring and developing for the cloud.




A Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and the public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers. Blockchain helps us to share and secure the data, one can validate the data at any point of time. Sir Nasir, expounded about  Blockchain and Azure cloud, hashing the database, and even discussed about the different projects of Microsoft with regards to Blockchain.

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