Fedora Release Party @CHRIST

By Anuj Jain | 04-12-2018 08:41 PM | 517 | 7

Another awesome Fedora release, and another awesome Release Party.

Time and date: 1330-1500 IST

Venue: Centrol Block, Christ University, Bangalore


This was the second party in Bangalore for this release (As Red Hat office has moved to a more remote side of the city, it was difficult for a few users and contributors to travel)

Christ University has a Linux user group and they primarily use Fedora. Thus,

we had a good number of students (who were interested in being a part of the



We had 2 ambassadors present at the venue:

* Vipul Siddharth

* Sumantro Mukherjee


The Event:

Vipul started with sharing out open source journey (for the new first

time participants). Then Sumantro joined Vipul and explained whats and whys of Fedora.

Sumantro discussed what's new in Fedora 29 and expected changes in Fedora 30. He covered a lot of topics which included all kinds of things (something for everyone). This time, we had official answer for people saying how beautiful elementary is.
We discussed GNOME/Pantheon, to Python 2 deprecation, to Ansible, to IoT.

Sumantro and Vipul also shared Fedora participating in Google summer coding programs. They went over explaining how one can be a part of it and how it can benefit both students and organisations.

In the end, I shared my experience of being a GCI mentor.

We also had a small installfest for those who wanted to install Fedora in their systems.

This was a short and lovely event where we discussed about multiple topics. A rather friendly discussion more than talks. Cherry on top, we had open source projects branded muffins.

I would say those muffins were more yum than dnf :P. Sadly we couldn’t take a lot of pictures but here are a few. 

Sumantro busy with his Fedora Muffin.



Vipul, talking about his delicious open source story.

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